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"A timely, insightful exploration of the transformational change occurring in information technology...  IT is having an equally dramatic effect on business, suggests debut author Stawski, through an “inflection point” that is based on “the convergence of cloud, mobility, software as a service (SaaS), and data.”  He chides companies mired in the past for generally being behind the consumer curve when it comes to technology adoption, and he makes a strong case for abandoning traditional IT infrastructure in favor of cloud-based services. 

 Stawski provides an excellent overview of cloud computing, an often cited but frequently misunderstood concept... 

 Stawski says it will take “transformative CIOs” to fully understand and embrace the new IT reality as he sees it.  A smartly observed, important work by an IT expert with a keen eye on the future."

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"As I read Inflection Point:, Stawski developed a clear picture of the pending transformations that are surely coming to businesses today. Scott takes you on journey, relaying his work experiences and putting them into perspective for today's business models. If you don't believe the internet (IoT) and cloud are changing the way we are, and will interact in the professional industry, read this book. You'll not only be learning of the coming changes, but you'll gain predictive knowledge on how to be successful as they occur" - J. Ashcraft


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"The book is an eye-opener for CEO’s and CIO’s, and also for stakeholders and business technologists in general. The Continual Transformation Ecosystem operating model is the only way to go. If you think your business is at the verge of a technology-driven inflection point, you must read this book carefully. And if you don´t think so, perhaps you should look around and think twice." -Miguel Pereira, CEO Social Noise


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